Blackberry Stuck On Initial WiFi Setup (Solution)

Those who have reset their Blackberry 10 phones recently must have noticed that it is impossible to complete the Initial Setup when the OS loads. Some users can minimize and close the setup uncompleted, some cannot even get out of the setup, but in both cases it is not possible to pass the WiFi setup stage, and this way, the phone may be unusable or will lack important functions, like being able to sideload native apps. Don’t worry, this annoying error has a solution!

Here is what you need to do. Check the Youtube video at the bottom of this article, it may help you, too, to go through the steps easier:

  1. First start the Initial Setup yourself. When you reach the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, connect to a network. After that there are two scenarios: if it is possible to close the Initial Setup on your phone uncompleted, minimize and close it (swipe up & close), wait for the notification to arrive to your phone requesting to complete the Initial Setup, open the Initial Setup from the notification, and proceed to step 2. If it is not possible to close the Initial Setup uncompleted on your phone, just go on to step 2 right away after trying to connect to a WiFi network.
  2. Go to the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page and press the power button of the phone three times in quick succession. The Screen Reader will show up. It may take some time until it shows up, even 10 minutes. If it doesn’t appear, try pressing the power button three times again.
  3. When the Screen Reader appears, double tap the screen with two fingers. The Screen Reader will activate.
  4. While still on the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page, tap the ‘Skip’ button once and then twice. You’ll be taken to the next page.
  5. On the next page (‘Connecting to WiFi’) don’t do anything just wait patiently until the reader starts telling about BBID. Then, be prepared, and when you hear it saying ‘Skip’, double tap the screen immediately under the page title text: ‘Connecting to WiFi’.
  6. A pop-up will appear asking whether to skip the BBID. Press the ‘Skip’ button once and then twice.
    It may happen, that on the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, the reader doesn’t read out anything even if you wait for a long time, just stays silent. In that case check the ‘Troubleshooting’ at the bottom of this guide below the video.
  7. On the next page (‘BBID’), press the power button of the phone three times quickly, to switch the Screen Reader off. Then tap ‘Skip’.
  8. The following 3 steps (8-10) may need to be repeated depending on your phone and location. Even the procedure may vary a bit. But the essence is: you need to reach the ‘Software Update’ screen. Sometimes it loads right away, and you can skip the following steps and go directly to step 12. If not, the ‘Unable to connect’ page should be visible. Tap the ‘Settings’ button.
  9. The ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page will appear. Select a WiFi network, add the password and press ‘Connect’.
  10. After trying to connect, the options to select a WiFi network will reappear. Don’t select a network again, just press the ‘Next’ button. Now this is the point where the ‘Regional Update’ page should appear. If it doesn’t appear, or it does, but after a while you are redirected back to the ‘Unable to connect’ page, start again from step 8 repeating the process described. You may need to repeat the steps 8-10 a few times, but in the end, the ‘Regional Update’ screen will appear and stay permanently.
  11. After loading for a while, the ‘Next’ button will appear on the ‘Regional Update’ page. Tap it immediately, and you will be taken to the next step: ‘Software Update’.
  12. On the ‘Software Update’ page you need to wait a lot. But after a while a text will appear on it, informing you about that Blackberry services are unavailable. Don’t press any buttons on that page, just swipe the sceen left.
  13. On the next page (‘Automatic Updates’) click ‘OK’.
  14. Finally the ‘Setup is Complete’ message will appear. Swipe the screen up, and you are done. Congrats, you have just finished the initial setup!

After going through these steps, you will be able to use your phone as usual, but some functions and apps will be unavailable. This is because Blackberry ended its legacy services on January 4, 2022 (EOL). But this affects only a few minor things, that will not restrict you from using your phone like before.


If you cannot make the screen reader tell about BBID on the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page, try the following methods, they worked for some users:

1. Close the screen reader if still on (press the power button three times), go back to the ‘Connect to a Mobile Network’ page, go forward to the ‘Connecting to WiFi’ page again, and start the screen reader on that page instead. If you still cannot hear anything being read out, tap ONCE on the ‘Previous’ button with one finger, then start swiping the screen right, listening to what the screen reader says after every wipe, and when you hear it saying: ‘Skip button, double tap to activate’, double tap the screen with one finger. The BBID pop-up should appear.

2. You may try the method of our visitor, Vladimir, who successfully solved this problem on his device. For that, visit this post at Reddit, and comment about your problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackberryPhoenix/comments/sw5mcj/ultimate_fix_for_devices_stuck_on_setup_including/
Very likely, they will offer you an autoloader. USE THAT ONE to wipe and reset your device (to learn how to use an autoloader, visit this page: https://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-os-f269/guide-how-load-os-using-autoloader-927076/ ).
When you are done, check this post, and follow the guide of Vladimir to reach the BBID popup:

Once you manage to reach the BBID popup by his method, you can can come back and continue following my tutorial from that point.

3. The following was posted under our Youtube tutorial by TechyGamers32, you may try this method as well: switch off the phone, remove the battery, wait a few minutes, put the battery back, switch on the phone, connect to WiFi, reboot, activate the screen reader, then go to the WiFi setup page in the initial setup and follow the initial guide from that point on.

Thanks to Ben xfg at Crackberry and TrumpetTiger at Reddit BlackberryPhoenix for making this solution available!



  1. I can’t make it read about BBID as described in step #6 and I’m not able to make the other workaround, it says ”skip button unavailable”. What else should I try? Thank you!

    • Are you sure you connected to a WiFi network before trying to go through the steps? Also make sure you close and reopen the Initial Setup after connecting to the WiFi, provided your phone is capable of doing so.
      Anyway, try installing the latest autoloader for your device. It may change the behaviour of the initial setup so that you can complete it.

      • – “Are you sure you connected to a WiFi network before trying to go through the steps?” – YES
        – “Also make sure you close and reopen the Initial Setup after connecting to the WiFi, provided your phone is capable of doing so.” – I can’t swipe up so i did this: “If it is not possible to close the Initial Setup uncompleted on your phone, just go on to step 2 right away after trying to connect to a WiFi network.”
        – I used the latest autoloader from here: https://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=927076&p=13627535&viewfull=1#post13627535

    • You followed the guide correctly, so that cannot be the problem. What I can still suggest:
      1. Repeat the procedure when you switch the screen reader on on the WiFi page. And try swiping to the other direction (not to the left but the right).
      2. The basic idea for workarounds in your case is that there is a hidden Skip button somewhere that you should find. So you may also try that you follow the original version of the guide: switch the screen reader on on the Mobile Network page, then go to the WiFi page, and try tapping to various places on the screen, hoping you catch the button. There was somebody reporting that he could find the button, but it was not at the suggested place in his case.
      3. There was another method posted, it worked for some, you may try that as well:https://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=1193207&p=13627350&viewfull=1#post13627350
      The link will take you to zajikari’s post, try following the method suggested.

      Do you have a SIM inserted into the phone, by the way? If not, maybe you should insert one and start over the original procedure with that. In my case the SIM card was inserted when I ran the Setup on my phone.

      If none of the suggested solutions work for you, the only thing you can do is to check back later. I am constantly monitoring the situation, and will post an update if any exact reason is found for this problem.

      • First of all thank you for your time. I really appreciate your detailed answer.

        1. I tried in both directions, not in this video obviously. Sometimes the readers tells me about the anti-theft protection which is on, other times about the initial setup and to tap “open”. What I want to say is that I understood that it reads information that doesn’t appear on screen so I get the idea of this workaround.

        2. In addition to what I’ve said to #1, I am going to try various places on the screen. I don’t have anything else to try at this point.

        3. I tried that method, but without result. Is very strange that my device doesn’t automatically open text reader when I restart the phone using volume up/down, it only does when I power it off/on (with text reader still on) normally. Even though and very frustrating for me, this method didn’t work either.

        About the SIM card, yes, I tried with and without.

        I am going to try again and again and maybe it will finally work. I’ll keep you updated.

      • I forgot to say something and I didn’t find any information on that: I did not sign out from BB Protect before 4th Jan 2022. Do you think it has to be related to that?

        • It may be the reason. So far, we have not thought it matters, because it seemed that since the servers are shut down, the phone just ignores if the protect was/is on, and whether you logged out from BBID or not. So the whole fear of BBID and Protect messing up the operation of the phone went away. But maybe having left Protect on still has an impact on on the Initial Setup. Anyhow, that is sure that I did switch the BBID and Protect off before January 4 on this phone in the video, and for me the process to complete the setup works as you see. So maybe there is a connection between these things. I am investigating this at the moment, please check back a few days later and I will send you a reply about what I managed to find.
          By the way, one last option to try until then: try going back to the part where you set the language and region for the Initial Setup, and choose a different language and region. The Initial Setup differs a little region by region, maybe that can help. Who knows. Just be careful when you listen to the reader, it might read out non -English words very oddly.

      • If you left Blackberry Protect on before wiping, it may be a reason, that you cannot pass the setup like in the video. Some users are reporting about it. But there are certain users who claim they could finalize the setup even after they left Protect on. Try restarting the device, and doing the steps without connecting again to WiFi in the beginning. For some this method worked.

  2. Hello I’m having a similar problem. I got it to automatically start talking about the BBID once, ONE TIME, but it kicked me back to the Wifi screen. The screen reader has not read out about the BBID at all since. My computer does not recognize when I have my device (a q20 classic) plugged in so I don’t think that’s an option. This is very frustrating, I appreciate any and all help! Thank you to everyone who has helped put this tutorial together!

    • 1: Do you know if your phone had Blackberry Protect ON before the 4th of January, and remained ON after that?
      2: Did you try the methods I mentioned in the Troubleshooting section at the end of the article?

        • Some phones allow to close the initial setup window (swipe up and close). Is it possible on your phone?

  3. Thank you so much for replying! I lost this website and had to re-find it to reply.

    I’m not sure. I do not think so? I had set up a BBID on the phone, but I had issues with getting the blackberry software onto my computer. I do not remember enabling blackberry protect. I am in this situation because at some point before January 4th I must have created a password to get into the phone. I had no recollection of said password, and I didn’t have it written down anywhere which is out of character for me. Does that password mean Blackberry protect was enabled? After the 10 failed attempts it did the security wipe. The security wipe was after January 4th, and why I’m stuck in set-up.

    I did try the troubleshooting guides! Thank you for posting them! My computer does not recognize the device, so i do not think I can put any other OS onto the phone. I do not know which version I am currently on. I am also on a Verizon carrier locked device if that helps at all.
    I tried with and with out SIM card, starting the screen reader on various screens, being connected and not connected to a wifi network, and trying to randomly tap the screen to find the “hidden skip button” (from the video of the gentleman speaking what I believe is Russian), using P/N keys only to navigate, and changing the languages on the screen reader.

    Since there was that one initial time that the phone read out about the BBID unprompted, I’m thinking of resetting the phone again. Then reading through all of the guides and posts again thoroughly for refreshment, and then giving it a go. If I discover anything potentially new or useful I will definitely post. Any advice or links to more methods is appreciated, as is the work you have already put into this method and telling people about it.

    • It seems from the most recent feedbacks, that Blackberry Protect may not be a problem when resetting, so that part has no importance by now.
      When you use an autoloader, the computer may not recognise the device in the beginning. It is normal, depending on the state of the device. Uninstall Blackberry Link first from the computer, then plug the phone to the computer. When the popup appears on the computer reporting the phone cannot be recognised or not connected, ignore it. Start the autoloader, and it will complete after long waiting even so.
      I would encourage you to follow the second method in the troubleshooting: go to the Reddit group linked, ask for a Q20 autoloader, reload the device and follow the method of Vladimir that I linked. If it still doesn’t work, come back here and report to me. There are some new methods that you can try. Very likely an autoloader and some of the methods associated with it will solve your problem.

  4. Bonjour, après essai sur mon Classic, Je n’ai pas le “pop up” de BB ID qui apparait, en revanche, quand j’effectue un slide gauche depuis le configurateur wifi avec l’assistant vocal, il me cite bien l’écran comme si BB ID s’affichait devant moi mais il indique “Créer un compte, bouton indisponible” et ce, sur toutes les options qui s’affichent. J’ai tenté de redémarrer le tel au mois 15 fois, essayé avec / sans SIM, j’ai essayé avec et sans wifi, toujours le même problème… Qlq a eu le même problème que moi ?

    Merci par avance, CDT

    • Quel est le numéro de l’étape où vous êtes bloqué ? Pouvez-vous clarifier s’il vous plait?

  5. I just found a working solution to the problem some have when they get to the wifi page and the screen reader doesn’t say anything. This happens if you have Blackberry Protect “ON” when you try to wipe the device with autoloader. No matter what you try will result in silence as the system is waiting for you to input your credentials. In this scenario the skip button is unavailable. There’s no way out of it. Follow this:
    1) Wipe with the latest autoloader 2) Complete as far as you can – usually up to the WiFi page. DO CONNECT to WiFi. Activate the screen reader and go back and forth just in case. 3)Turn off device. 4) Download autoloader It’s very difficult to find but it’s there. I downloaded it from DepositFiles. 5)With the device off and connected to computer start the autoloader. It could execute partially or fully, it doesn’t really matter. Even if you cannot start the device afterwards or it hangs on logo, don’t worry, removing the BB Protect is all it does and all you need. In case it renders the phone useless just wipe over with In my case the autoloader executed just for a couple of seconds and the phone (Passport) booted to the screen I left off – the WiFi page. This is where you activate the screen reader with the three taps on the Power button if it doesn’t activate on its own. Using P and N I navigated back and forth the Network/WiFi page it it activated the reading of the “Blackberry ID…” It will get you to the SKIP option. 6)Complete set up as originally described. The funny part was later on when I checked the OS version and it showed (even though it was flushed with an older version) but the BB Protect was turned off in settings. Even though I completed the setup I couldn’t sideload which was weird. It wanted me to complete the gesture tutorial every time i rebooted. 7) Make sure BB Protect is “OFF” (cannot stress this more) and flash again with the latest autoloader. You will be able to complete the steps without a problem. 8)Enjoy!

    PS removes BB Protect

    PSS !!! Disregard the advice to NOT connect to WiFi before you activate the screen reader. DO connect to WiFi once you get to it!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your advice about the process. But I have to add my own experience to it as well, that is some of the devices require not to connect to WiFi before doing the fix. But it only affects a bunch of devices. In that case it is better to autoload, and then restart the fix without connecting.
      The second thing: I would suggest to follow our troubleshooting advice first, and try getting an autoloader from Reddit BlackberryPhoenix. There, the version they give you will remove BB Protect, and will install the latest OS version as well, so you don’t need 2 autoloaders for solving 2 problems, you can use only 1. This method proved to be working for devices with BB Protection. But I am glad you shared your thoughts, because sometimes people have problems even this way, and as an alternative, your method might be useful in that case indeed.

    • You can do the fix without SIM inserted. It works that way, too.

    • That is a problem. It can only be solved if you can minimize the Initial Setup on your phone. Some phones are not capable of this, but some are. Just minimize and close it, then go to Settings > Accessibility > Screen Reader. Turn Screen Reader on, then wait until the message arrives requesting you to finalize the Initial Setup, and complete the setup by following the fix but leaving the Screen Reader on. Switch it off in Settings after completed.

    • Quelle est la cause du problème ? Où êtes-vous bloqué dans le processus ?

  6. thank you very much for sharing your experience. explanation was concise and very clear even for me

  7. Awesome work that will truly help a lot of BB fans… Thanks for sharing!

  8. Coucou après avoir finir la configuration comme tu la détailler , je n’arrive toujours pas a télécharger des applis dans appstor ou encore j’ai essayer de mettre play stor , en téléchargement google manager , et blackberry google id mais impossible d’installer , ou encore le appstor se plante seul , qu’est-ce qui fait cela ?

    • De quelle boutique d’applications parlez-vous ? Amazon?

  9. Bro it is been a month and i still can’t get out of the setup. I have a Blackberry Leap and there is no voice about BBID at wifi page. I have tried numerous times and can’t hear anything about BBID.
    Please help, I need this phone.

    • Did you read the alternative method about installing a proper autoloader downloadable from Reddit?

  10. Hello, I have use auto reloader for Z10.0.3 to wipe Z10 and have successfully bypass connect to internet cos it showed me the “Skip button” but I can by pass “by toching the top edge of the gas and sliding your finger down? Please I need help

    • Which step you are stuck? I am a bit confused. Please indicate the number of the step from my article.

  11. I got to the BBID and I tap create fill in the blank space and my phone redirected me to setup again and since I can’t anything again even after repeating the procedure nothing is working

    • You don’t need to fill in anything on the BBID page. Just follow the screen reader and double tap when it says “Skip”

  12. Hi
    This needs to be read in conjunction with the above detailed instructions..
    My experience relates to the Blackberry Leap which may be a bit trickier?
    I have done this about 10 times on different Leaps and the ‘Screen reader pop up’ doesn’t go away on its own after double tapping on it to activate it.
    In my view it absolutely needs to before proceeding further.
    I get rid of it by double tapping it and pushing it at the same time as if it was a ‘post it’ stuck on the screen. If I do that quickly after it appears it tends to go quicker or even at the same time as activating it (double tapping with two fingers).
    If you accidently hit the cancel button then you will have to bring it up (activate it) again etc.
    In my view there is no point in proceeding unless the screen reader is activated and the ‘pop up’ window has gone away.
    At this stage tap once and then double tap the ‘next’ button (at the bottom of the screen) and you will hear the screen reader (if properly activated).
    This is the very critical part…
    When on (what looks like) the ‘Connecting to wi-fi’ screen the screen reader (after a couple of seconds delay) starts reading out a screen about BBID which we cannot see.
    The text may even be moving as it is being read out?
    At the critical moment of the reader coming to the end of that screen and reads out the ‘previous’ and ‘skip’ buttons it appears that the skip button is under the ‘Connecting to Wi-fi’ heading. I aim more to the right than on the video – probably under ‘wi-fi’ (and I tend to tap (with one finger) and then double tap to be on the safe side) and I may have to repeat the attempt two or three times if I get the timing wrong? If you manage to bring up the skip BBID pop up then it is all down hill from there as you can now take your time and follow the instructions to the letter. The really important issues are you need the screen reader to help you with the screen you cannot see (which still looks like a ‘Connect to wi-fi’ screen) and the critical timing of hitting the unseen ‘skip’ button.
    I hope this helps Leap owners rather than confuse.
    Take care

  13. Merci, j’avais un problème avec mon bb z10, bloqué sur wifi, j’ai suivi cette étape et ça marchait, une autre astuce , désactivez le vocale a l’étape mise à jour logicielle et ça devient plus facile.
    Solution marche à merveille merci l’équipe.

  14. I have tryed this solution many time and it did not work for me. Until I try changing my Language first. I restart got to Initial setup first screen and change my language from Portuguese to Inglish. After that I got to the end of this solution.

    • Thank you for your feedback! It might be very useful to others in the future!

  15. Thank you so much!!!
    Finally working again!
    Such a joy!!! 😁🥳🙏

  16. Hi, who can help me?
    my blackberry Q5 is blocked at the WIFI stage. In my opinion it’s my blackberry ID which is activated, that’s why I can’t pass the WIFI step.

    • The BBID is not a problem, if Anti.Theft feature was on, that can be. First try the method described, if not working, read the Troubleshooting for alternative methods. Also check the comments here because some has posted about new working methods, like autoloading with the proper autoloader from Reddit and pulling the battery for a few days. There has already been another working method after autoloading: let the phone rest for a day, then on the Wifi page press P button to go back, switch on screen reader and press N button to go forward back to the Wifi page. If still not working, there is a chance that Anti-Theft is blocking it. Go to the Crackberry topic mentioned in the Troubleshooting to ask about solutions to deactivate it.

  17. I haven’t found a solution on the crackberry site, I’m still stuck at the WIFI step.
    I haven’t heard of blackberry ID.

    • Did you try the method that Vladimir used, that is mentioned in the Torubleshooting above? That is installing the particular autoloader from Reddit?

  18. yes i installed the autoloader
    at the wifi stage with the screen reader activated I swiped the screen to the right for 15 minutes and the screen reader began to tell me that the anti-theft is activated and that I must insert my blackberry ID

    • Bypassing anti-theft left on after jan. 4 2022 is a separate issue, unfortunately I cannot help you with that, because I never had that feature on. But it can definately cause an isse now when you try to bypass the BBID page. No matter if you follow the guidelines, the phone won’t let you go forward. You need to go to the Crackberry forum and ask for solutions to bypass anti-theft first. That issue is about a decade old and there were threads discussing how to switch it off. You have the best chance to ask the members there to direct you to those threads. However, as I remember there were comments about successfully bypassing anti-theft after installing the proper autoloader and doing some additional tricks, like removing the battery for 24 hours or so. Check the comments on this page or the comments below the linked Youtube video, you may spot them among the many. But first of all, you need to install the proper autoloader first. If you got the autoloader from Crackberry, it will very likely NOT solve your problem, if you got it from Blackberry Phoenix at Reddit, then that autoloader is a good starting point. If still no luck, you can advance further from that one. But the autoloader you receive there and installing it is the first most important step before doing anything else.

  19. Hello,
    I have a question – do you have any solution for something like Blackberry Blend was? Or – how to transfer data / settings from the old BB Classic to another BB Classic device? (we have 2 BB Classic devices in reserve and now the oldie will probably go off, so, we would like to transfer the data, settings,etc to the “new” device.).
    We would like to avoid sharing things one by one via bluetooth, as that is really a nightmare.
    Thank you,

    • Unfortunately not, you need to ask about it at the Crackberry forum.

  20. Bonsoir,
    J’ai suivi cette méthode il y a deux mois et ca a marché parfaitement jusque là mais samedi, le passport c’est redémarré tout seul et ma bloqué sur la connexion wi-fi en français. Comme je n’arrivais pas a faire la manip avec le reader j’ai autoloadé mon passport et refais la manip, nickel j’ai de nouveau mon tél et j’ai fini la config. Problème je ne parviens plus a remettre mon compte outlook dans le hub alors que j’avais réussi la première fois, est ce que vous auriez une idée d’où ca peut venir ???

    Merci d’avance

    • Malheureusement, dans celui-ci, je ne peux pas aider. Vous devez demander des solutions au Crackberry Forum.

      • Non pas pour l’instant, mais je pense que c’est lié au bbid lors de ma première utilisation je ne l’avais pas je pense, je n’ai jamais eu de notif et la depuis deux jours c’est tout le temps. J’ai tester sur mon ancien bold qui lui reçois les notif bbid depuis la fin du serveur et je n’arrive pas a mettre mon compte non plus alors que le gmail qui était installé depuis des années est tjr actif sans problèmes, je vais faire un reboot en essayant de sauté le bbid, merci encore et bonne continuation

  21. after I reset my BlackBerry Q5
    to open it keep on saying unable to connect to the network. please try changing your setting . pls I need help……… and one of my BlackBerry is sim lock how can I open it

    • Sorry, but I don’t understand where you are stuck with the Q5 in the process. Can you describe with a bit more detail what you are doing? With sim lock I cannot help that is another topic, I don’t have experience about that.

  22. wow thanks that worked perfectly thanks to the writer of this article ur a star.

  23. Blackberry q20 with BBID, disconnect the battery and then you will hear the BBID menu for bypass.

    • Thanks for the useful info. Indeed, others reported, too, that this solution might work.

  24. This is fantastic. I thought I would have to finally say goodbye to the BlackBerry.
    I had to buy a new, second hand one last week (the classic) after my simple Q5 kept locking out after phone calls or being out of range. It had an alert by “Emergency calls only” that claimed it nd error MM#6, that it was not unlocked from previous owner. Any tips?
    Not to worry if not. The new one is fine.
    Just a couple of issues: applications require verify BlackBerry ID. This happened with my Q5, notification everyday. Can this be switched off? At least it doesn’t make a noise.
    Also, Set up BBM came up after the Set Up Completion, I am scared to close that notification in
    case it repeats.
    But thanks so much anyway. Really relieved. I need the physics keyboard for my sanity.

    • I have no tips for the Q5.

      Those notifications cannot be switched off unfortunately. You need to get used to that they show up sometimes.

      You can close the BBM message, don’t worry.

  25. My power button isn’t working.
    Can anyone suggest me a method to overcome the setup page (without the use of power button).

    • On some devices it is possible to swipe up in the setup window to minimize it and close it. So you can do things on the phone afterwards. If it is possible to do on your phone, get out of the setup, and then go to Settings, and in the Accessibility menu turn on the screen reader manually, then go back to the setup and go on with the method in the video. Don’t close the screen reader at the point when it is mentioned to do so in the video.

      • Unfortunately I can’t switch windows in my device during setup.

  26. Thank you!
    I found this post via the Bing chat and it was like a relief for me and my Q10. I was annoyed because after the reset the “complete setup” message popped up and it just didn’t work.
    Now I can continue to use it today.
    Keep it up!
    Greetings from Hude / Germany

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